Alpinestars A10 Roost Guard 2018


SKU: 2701-0821

� Modular design to allow for addition of BNS neck support.

� Removable upper back padded panel for BNS compatibility.

� Removable upper front panel for BNS compatibility.

� Soft touch BNS puller for convenient and safe engagement of the BNS.

� Modular design means protector can be worn in various configurations allowing rider to use in different riding situations.

� Removable EVA padding on biceps with a locking system on the shoulder pad keeps protection in position.

� Soft bio foam padded chassis for maximum comfort and personalized, close-to-the-body fit.

� Side adjustable kidney belt allows for various fit sizes and ensures protection remains close the body at all times.

� Features Alpinestars quick release attachment system for convenient in and out.